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Hook- The Drop E Liquid by Silverback Juice Co.

We all know a song cannot ever truly be referred to as great if it doesn’t have the right hook to tie the other parts together. The vape industry has now received a taste of that truth by being gifted with Hook e liquid. Hook is a tropical e juice lover’s dream, blending sweet and mildly tart pineapple with the flavor of authentic Caribbean-style coconut rum. After a few pulls of this embodiment of island life you may find yourself putting on some easy listening tunes and dancing a tropical shag. While not required, we do recommend pairing the sweet vapor from Hook e liquid with your favorite songs of tropical island flow. When you inhale Hook, the sweet pineapple flavor will slide into your mouth, leaving tiny drops of tart flavor as it prepares your palate for the rest of the tropical treat to come. Perhaps you’re already out of your seat or just may be tapping your foot to the rhythm of your chosen song at this point. The sweeping flavor of smooth and creamy coconut rum will begin to settle in to really grab you and your taste buds’ attention. Now you have a fun spectrum flavor of island inclusions that is sure to get your hips swaying to the rhythm of the song and within your heart. We can’t describe this immense state of relaxation. You have to taste it. It’s almost like no one can truly describe the rhythmic live music from the tropical islands until they’ve gone there and felt it. Maybe you can’t take a vacation just yet but you can always put on your favorite island jams and blow soothing clouds from Hook e liquid.


Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Coconut, Rum



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Coconut, Pineapple, Rum

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